Improve your game while protecting your eyes with Extreme Optiks® technology.

Hi-Def Lenses

  • Provides a high contrast
  • Block harmful, visually-distorting light
  • See more clearly at greater distances
  • Natural surroundings appear more vivid
  • Minimize squinting, eye and facial strain
Protection Glasses

Polarized Lenses

  • Filter out reflected light to eliminate glare
  • Allow safe, UV free light to reach the eyes
  • Minimize eyestrain & eye fatigue


Extreme sports need extreme protection. Ninety percent of all sport related eye injuries can be prevented by wearing proper eye protection. Extreme Optiks® polycarbonate, impact resistant lenses are ten times more impact resistant than other plastic lenses.

Featuring a full-wrap design and 100% UVA/UVB protection against harmful, damaging rays, Extreme Optiks® meets the toughest extreme sports demands.

Comfort Fit

Featuring an ultra lightweight construction and flexible, durable polycarbonate frames, Extreme Optiks® eyewear provides a comfortable fit with features that keep frames secure during any extreme activity.

Comfort Fit

Lens Color

Our variety of lens colors offer enhanced contrast and improved color accuracy for your best performance.

Amber Lens
Smoke Lens
Blue Lens