Care and Repair

Follow our tips to ensure that your sunglasses or frames remain in the finest condition, always.


  • Remove your Extreme Optiks®  sunglasses gently and with both hands to avoid misaligning the frames.
  • Clean the sunglasses regularly to maintain the appearance and protect against corrosion caused by dust, grime and sweat.
  • Keep your Extreme Optiks sunglasses in the original case when not in use.


  • Do not use sharp instruments or rough fabrics to clean the sunglasses.
  • Do not put your sunglasses on top of your head. Doing so, will stretch the temples of your frames.
  • Do not leave your sunglasses in heated areas like the dashboard of your car.

Extreme Optiks® sunglasses are carefully crafted with attention and devotion ensuring every single element is manufactured to the highest standards, and if you have a manufacturing defect, we will replace them under the 2 year limited warranty. All you need is a copy of the receipt or dealer stamp in the warranty booklet for proof of purchase.

During the warranty period sunglasses or frames with manufacturing defects resulting in breakage are the only components covered under this warranty. At the discretion of authorized dealers/representatives of  FGX International (The Company) depending on the circumstances a covered component will be repaired or will be replaced free of repair charges, if it proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use. In which case, warranty terms will continue for the balance of the warranty period. In case of replacement, The Company cannot guarantee that you will receive the same model. If your model is not available, a pair of sunglasses or frames of equal value and similar style will be provided.

This limited warranty does not cover damage caused by improper or unreasonable use, normal wear and tear, lost screws or accidental damage.

This limited warranty does not extend to third-party lenses added to the sunglasses or frames or any damage resulting from the installation of lenses, unless due to a manufacturing defect.

All you have to do is send your sunglasses or frames back to the nearest authorized dealer and service under the terms of this limited warranty will be provided only by the Company anywhere in the United States. The product must be delivered at the user’s risk and cost and please remember to package all eyewear products carefully to avoid any further damage.

We know you will be very happy with your Extreme Optiks sunglasses but if in doubt or you do happen to damage a pair on one of your great adventures just contact our customer service department who will be happy to assist you.

Customer Service Telephone number: 1-800-426-6396

Email customer service: quantumcs@fgxi.com